To fully understand a company ethos, it is some times necessary to look into the past. Allow us to take you to back to the mid seventies. An unprecedented economic surge has swept the middle-east. Scores of multi nationals have sprung up overnight. As infrastructure booms, dozens of new projects are set in motion. And to fuel this growth, the right manpower is critical.
But there are few recruitment firms of repute to be found. Fewer still that can be relied on to bring in the right people at the right time.
Al Samit International is born as an answer to this need. An organization designed to set a gold standard of professionalism in the industry.
To day, Al Samit has a central hub office in Dubai, position to cater to the Middle East market, besides its professionally manned offices in the Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. The organization has earned itself a reputation as a prime source of quality manpower. In fostering the success of countless individuals, Al Samit has secured its own.

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